Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework using COBIT® 5 | Course

Master the implementation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework using COBIT® 5


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These Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework using COBIT® 5 course, is based on the ISACA Guide, ‘Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5, which provides guidance in the implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) through a seven-step process, aligned with COBIT® 5 principles. The purpose of this course and qualification is to provide and measure a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the CSF, its goals, the implementation steps, and the ability to apply this information. This qualification it is aimed as a further level to the COBIT® 5 Foundation Qualification, alongside the COBIT® 5 Implementation Practitioner and COBIT® 5 Assessor Practitioner. Note that the COBIT® 5 Foundation qualification is not a pre-requisite for this qualification but is highly recommended. The course material is supported by practical exercises and case-based scenarios. Candidates learn how to apply the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) through the seven-step process.

Training Methodology
The training is delivered in a classroom training model and through:
  • Presentation of the subjects, content and group discussions
  • Exercises and practical examples covering the CSF implementation process
  • Mock/Simulation exam as preparation for the completion of the certification exam based on a complete case study
To benefit from the practical exercises, the number of training participants is limited.

This course and exam is aimed at individuals who have a basic understanding of both COBIT® 5 and security concepts, and who are involved in improving the cybersecurity program for outside organizations or their own.

  • Basic knowledge of COBIT®
  • Basic knowledge of Security Concepts

Duration (days)
2,5 days

Learning Objectives
The candidate should understand the key principles and terminology within the Implementing the CSF guidance. Specifically the candidate should be able to:
  • Understand the goals of the framework
  • Understand and discuss the content of the CSF and what it means to align to it
  • Understand each of the 7 CSF implementation steps
  • Be able to apply and evaluate the implementation steps using COBIT® 5

  1. Introduction
  2. COBIT® 5 Review
  3. Overview to the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  4. Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Structure
  5. Phase 1 (Step 1: Prioritize and Scope)
  6. Phase 2 (Steps 2: Create a Current Profile & Step 3: Create a Current Profile)
  7. Phase 3 (Steps 4: Conduct a Risk Assessment & Step 5: Create a Target Profile)
  8. Phase 4 (Step 6: Determine, Analyze, and Prioritize Gaps)
  9. Phase 5 (Step 7: Implement Action Plan)
  10. Phases 6 (CSF Action Plan Review) & Phase 7 (CSF Life Cycle Management)
  11. Mock exam and review
  12. Exam - Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5

The “Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5" exam fulfils the requirements of the certification scheme of ISACA/APMG, Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5, an Enhanced qualification, and the knowledge and skills necessary for the this level are according to the following areas of the CSF Implementation Enhanced Qualification Syllabus:
  • OV - Overview to the CSF
  • ST - CSF Structure
  • PS - Step 1: Prioritize and Scope
  • OC - Steps 2: Orient and Step 3: Create a Current Profile
  • RT - Steps 4: Conduct a Risk Assessment and Step 5: Create a Target Profile
  • DG - Step 6: Determine, Analyze, and Prioritize Gaps
  • AP - Step 7: Implement Action Plan
This exam contains 75 questions, covering the different syllabus areas, and each question worth 1 mark. 5 of the 75 are trial questions that do not count towards the overall score (not marked as trial questions). Exam duration: 80 minutes Pass mark: 50% (35/70) Exam type: Closed Book

  • Candidates that are successful in the Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5 exam meet the eligibility requirements to achieve the CSF Implementation Enhanced Qualification
  • A certificate will be issued to participants that pass the exam

Our COBIT® Instructors are recognized consultants, assessors and accredited trainers with international expertise in IT Governance using ISO 38500 and COBIT® since the first versions of the framework. They are experts in various related best practices and international standards such as, the ITIL and ISO 20000 for IT service management, ISO 27001 for information security and related standards and methodologies for risk management, such as ISO 27005 and the OCTAVE, MEHARI, EBIOS, among others. Besides the ISACA approach for assessment, our instructors are experts in auditing management systems what enables them provide participants with the best integrated approach throughout the course, relating the guidance of ISACA with other international best practices, such as ISO 19011 for auditing, among others.

General Information
  • Training in English language.
  • Course manual in English, with over 100 pages, containing information and practical exercises.
  • Behaviour® Participation Certificate with 21 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.
  • APMG Participation Certificate.
  • Multiple choice exam in English language.
  • Qualification COBIT® 5 after exam success.
  • Coffee break in the morning and afternoon (Applies to all training that take place in Behaviour® facilities).
  • The course does not include the Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT 5. Delegates need to bring their own personal copy.

  • Behaviour Pedagogical Model aims to provide a learning environment conducive to acquisition of competences, in accordance with objectives of each training program. Promoting interaction, participation and appreciation of experiences, we contribute to meaningful learning, certification and international recognition but, above all to the development of critical thinking and autonomy.

  • Behaviour is an organization accredited by DGERT (Portuguese Government Entity) and certified on ISO 9001. Behaviour has its Quality Management System (QMS) implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the requirements of DGERT, the requirements of the European standard NP 4512 and the standard ISO 10015.

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