What’s More Important: the CEO or the Idea?

What's More Important: the CEO or the Idea?

CEO or the Idea

Data from startup failures, VC/angel investor preferences and the impact CEOs can have on ideas shows that these leaders are more important than the ideas they represent.

There’s no doubt that a startup’s central idea is crucial for its eventual success; if it has no originality or innovation, or the idea doesn’t resonate with a target audience, it’s bound to fail. Of course, you also need to have a good CEO in place, someone who can take charge, oversee the execution of that idea and lead the company to success.

The city of the future will be shaped by standards

City of the future shaped by standards

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Smart cities are more than just a buzzword. With expanding urban areas expected to host up to 70 % of the total world population by 2050, they are a necessity. “Standards make cities smarter” is the theme of World Standards Day 2017, celebrated on 14 October by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), three leading developers of International Standards.

BEHAVIOUR® launches training on the new standard ISO 55001 – Asset Management

BEHAVIOUR® released the new training and qualification programs on ISO 55001:2014 standard. These programs have three levels and are intended to all professionals who are wanting to acquire skills in the area of ​​asset management.

These courses, ISO 55001 Foundation, ISO 55001 Lead Implementer and ISO 55001 Lead Auditor, aim to provide and qualify professionals with the skills needed for implementation and audit of an Asset Management System in an organization.

Behaviour is always bringing value to you

Every company is interested in helping their clients to achieve their goals, not simply making sales. 

This is important too, of course, but doing our job with passion, putting our efforts to deliver an excellent service, improving ourselves everyday as professionals and as persons, creating a good delivering environment, with good tools, excellent professionals that are committed to learn more, to know more, just to deliver better, to support clients better, or to better serve clients, at the end this is what, definitely, really matters and this is what guarantees the sales.


When we talk about training, we say that training is not just training. A course is not a program, a room, a trainer and a training manual. A training course is not the same in every place. If it was, everyone could

Behaviour now accepts PayPal for online registrations purchase

Behaviour is offering to its customers a new way of pay through the online registration process for applications done directly on the website: PayPal. Now, it is possible to enroll in a course and ensure your seat in the course you pretend to participate. This innovative virtual method allows you to send and receive payments through the Internet, in a simple, convenient and safe way for several countries in the world.

Guaranteed Dates Program

All courses have guaranteed dates, so all public dates presented on the site are guaranteed to occur. You can schedule and plan ahead.

Behaviour launches program Guaranteed Dates in all training offer. This program provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills without, professionals and companies, have to wait for other professionals and companies to have the same training needs for the course to start.

This program Guaranteed Dates focuses its action in the specific needs of a individual or