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How to Change Behavior for Stronger Security System Cybersecurity

How to Change Behavior for Stronger Security System Cybersecurity

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How Healthy Are Your Cybersecurity Habits?

There is a world of difference between knowing the right thing to do and actually following through and doing it. Think about doctors who repeatedly remind their patients to quit smoking, or to be careful with their cholesterol, to get regular exercise and adopt healthier eating habits instead of eating bacon with every meal. We know what we should do. Quite often, though, that knowledge is not enough to actually change our behavior.

You were probably aware of some fundamental cybersecurity best practices before you started to read this article. But let’s focus on two: passwords and firmware.

Mitigating internal risk: Three steps to educate employees

Risk ManagementBy Help Net Security on 20 December 2016

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IT security is usually focused on how to prevent outsiders with malicious intent from causing harm to your IT systems and data. While this is a valid concern, people within organizations who simply do not understand the consequences of their everyday habits and behavior on company computers pose an equivalent if not greater risk.

Every person within a company that has access to information is a gateway for data exfiltration. This is why education for ALL employees that encourages following best practices for IT security safety is extremely important to implement within organizations. So where should you start? Take 3 easy steps.