Headquarters Behaviour Facilities

Behaviour headquarters facilities are located in Lisbon on Avenida Visconde Valmor and are incorporated in an office building. All the infrastructure has spaces and rooms that offer conditions for conducting courses, workshops and meetings.

The area has a reception and living-room with sofas, reading area with newspapers and magazines, ambient music, cable television, water machine, coffee/tea machine, 4 training rooms, 1 exam room, breakfast nook and 2 separate toilets for men and women.

The training rooms are furnished with tables, chairs, whiteboard (pens and eraser), projection screen, projector, air-conditioned and have natural daylight. The training rooms have capacity from 6 to 10 participants and 1 instructor.

To ensure your security, space is monitored by a surveillance system connected to a central, and we proceed to image recording.


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Common areas

Behaviour_Lisboa_Visconde_ValmorBehaviour_RecepçãoBehaviour_Recepção(1) Behaviour_Sala_EstarBehaviour_Sala_Estar(1) Behaviour_Espaço_Leitura Behaviour_Espaço_Leitura(1)
Behaviour_WC_Senhoras Behaviour_WC_Senhores









Room 1 – Lisboa Room

Behaviour_Sala_Formação_1 Behaviour_Sala_Formação_1(1) Behaviour_Sala_Formação_1(2)





Room 2 – Luanda Room

Behaviour_Sala_Formação_2 Behaviour_Sala_Formação_2(1) Behaviour_Sala_Formação_2(2)





Room 3 – Abu Dhabi Room(Room at restructuring. Images will be available soon)


Room 4 – Amsterdam Room

Behaviour_Sala_Formação_4Behaviour_Sala_Formação_4(1) Behaviour_Sala_Formação_4(2)







Behaviour_Coffee_Break(1) Behaviour_Coffee_Break(2) Behaviour_Coffee_Break