Differentiation strategy

Behaviour defines itself as a group of companies of training, qualification, certification and consulting, fully able to meet the needs of training and certification of its clients in the areas of best practices and management methodologies, management systems and information security.

The customer orientation and the high technical and pedagogical skills acquired are the basis for Behaviours growth, that over 8 years has managed to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction in international market.

Behaviour bases its activity and strategy on differentiation, as the essential basis for its growth and competitiveness, distinguished primarily by:

  • a constant focus on being the best brand of training, qualification, certification and consulting, that presents a diversified and competitive offer, with the best portfolio of training in the areas of best practices and management methodologies, management systems and information security;
  • a constant valorisation of the internal and external employees, also as a means of ensuring the recognition of our certifications, requiring our experts a wide range of skills and the most recognized international certifications.
  • a concern always surpass the expectations of our customers, always offering the best learning environment, with access to excellent infrastructure conditions, with permanent monitoring and dedicated, providing them with unexpected experiences that create a strong emotional connection with the brand Behaviour ;
  • a planning that ensures always the realization of scheduled training dates, through the implementation of training models, such as the Guaranteed Dates Program in Portugal, which focuses its action on the particular needs of customers, as a way to always ensure, and without constraints, the acquisition of skills, as a way for differentiation of professionals and as a way of innovation to our corporate clients;
  • a strategy of low fixed costs, as a means of ensuring all dates in all courses,  always ensuring the quality of all services provided.

All this to present you always what we do best.

We intend to continue to respond, in an exemplary manner, to the needs of training, qualification, certification and consulting of our clients, as well as being a company really admired by its customers.