Quality Policy

Behaviour’s mission is based on the provision of excellent services in the areas of training, qualification and international certification of persons and, in the provision of related advisory services, generating added value, meeting the highest expectations of its clients, professionals, business and the surrounding social environment, with social and environmental responsibility.

This Quality Policy is guided by principles that support Behaviour in the pursuit of its vision as a global reference company providing training services, qualification and certification of the best and most recognised professionals in the market, and in this way in achieving its objectives .

Quality Policy is assumed as a structural element of the whole system of Behaviour Quality Management. Thus, the Quality Policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Continuous progress and improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system through compliance with the requirements, as well as meeting compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements related to products and services;
  • Involve all employees in the development of the activity in a critical and innovative way, in the sense of continuous improvement;
  • Ensure the professional development and motivation of all employees;
  • Improve the quality of our services in order to meet and / or exceed our customers’ expectations and needs, thereby increasing their satisfaction, as well as business partners and other stakeholders;
  • Develop training products and training services that allow the development of competencies and the achievement of our clients professional certification;
  • Ensure an excellent service, personalized with a focus on creating an environment conducive to learning;
  • Ensure the existence of resources for the proper development for the provided services;
  • Providing Customer confidence that the desired level of quality will be satisfied by the service provided;
  • Encourage the company’s overall commitment to quality, keeping the focus of the services provided on measurable results to Customer;
  • Monitor and periodically measure the established objectives, the identified processes and the products / services of the company.