You can make your registration in a course:

  • On the page of the course in which you want to enroll. Select the date you want to register and make your registration.
  • On the events page

After registration, we will contact you by e-mail for you to complete the registration process. Behaviour will request the fulfilment of the registration form and the proof of payment.

After completion of the process, your registration will be confirmed by email. In this email you will have access to all information relating to your registration and course.

If the registration is carried out through the company, as the contracting entity, in addition to the registration form, as mentioned above, the company must also send the letter of adjudication signed by the person responsible for accepting the company’s training services and send also the purchase order (companies only, if applicable).

Upon receipt of the aforementioned documents, the respective training contract will be sent to the company, under the quality reference of the certification of training entities. The company must send the contract signed by the company’s legal representative.

Read the Training Regulation.