Our clients

Our clients are organizations, businesses and professional, national and international, which are part of the most diverse vertical industries, including energy, banking, insurance, telecommunications, business consultants and IT, among others. Are recognized companies and organizations in different countries that rely on Behaviour, the training and certification of its senior management, ie the pillars of their business.

Our customers are the engine that drives our organization and our growth. Motivated by their level of requirement, Behaviour excels everyday. It is this needs that drives Behaviour constantly to reach further each time.

Given these challenges, Behaviour continuously works on the identification and development of best practices and international strategies, presenting and suggesting the best solutions to our customers and, thus, boosting and improving the skills of their professionals.

TRT / Brazil
Millicom Services / United Kingdom
TIGO / Tanzania
ESMA / France
Grohe / Portugal
MasterCard Advisors / Belgium
European Space Agency (ESA) / Italy
SourceCom / Sweden
APM Terminals / Nigeria
Multicert / Portugal
PT Telecom / Portugal
Nestlé / Switzerland
ONI Telecomunicações / Portugal
SIBS / Portugal
NOS / Portugal
Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) / Portugal
Cap Gemini / Portugal
Caixa de Cabo Verde / Cape Verde
Banco BIC / Portugal and Angola
Novabase / Portugal
RINA / Bulgaria
SIMAS / Bulgaria
MS Telcom / Angola
NIXU / Sweden
Havas / Portugal
Sonangol / Angola
PisbTech / Belgium
HUF / Portugal
Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) / Mozambique
Banco BCI / Angola
IBM / Portugal
Unisys / Portugal
OMV / Denmark
Banco de Portugal / Portugal
Ardantic / Sweden
Banck of Portugal
Knowit / Sweden
Janus Associates / EUA
AITIL / Venezuela
Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira / Portugal
Autoridade da Concorrência / Portugal
FCCN / Portugal
ProcessPark / Turkey
INDRA / Portugal
Integrity / Portugal
Bwin Party / Spain
Yasaki Europe / Portugal
Sonae / Portugal
eSPap / Portugal
Haya Water / Oman
Critical Software / Portugal
Infosistema / Portugal
EPO / Portugal
Fidelidade / Portugal
Made2Coach / Portugal
Universidade do Porto / Portugal
Timwe / Portugal
Health Systems / Portugal
Penguin Consultants / Brazil
Qualitext / Nigeria
HVCC Global / Portugal
Instituto Financeiro para o Desenvolvimento Regional (IFDR) / Portugal
Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão / Portugal
Blip / Portugal
Gabinete Nacional de Segurança (GNS) / Portugal
Santa Casa de Misericórdia do Porto / Portugal
SMAS Oeiras / Portugal
Novo Banco / Portugal
Claranet / Portugal
United Nations / Italy
Axa Technology Services / Portugal
Kuwait National Petroleum Company / Kuwait
Inspecção-Geral de Finanças (IGF) / Portugal
KPMG / Portugal
Blue Infinity / Portugal
TIGO / Chad
Flexity / Portugal
Correios de Portugal (CTT) / Portugal
Axa Technology Services / Portugal
Academia Militar / Portugal
Iten Solutions / Portugal
Accenture / Portugal
Ministério das Finanças CEDSIF / Mozambique