Behaviour Group

Behaviour was founded in 2005 by professional entrepreneurs who collaborated for several years in international companies and organizations, particularly in the areas of vocational training, advisory and auditing.

Initially and during the first three years, Behaviour developed its business through a partnership model with the largest training centers and recognized international organizations, providing outsourcing  training services, either human resources – trainers – as pedagogical services – organization development and training projects.

Taking advantage of the experience gained, and the large team of experts and trainers built, late in 2008, Behaviour restructures its business strategy and presents itself in the market as a training, qualification, certification and advisory company.

Our commitment since 2010, to consolidate a range of training and certification on the latest and greatest methods, principles, concepts, practices, frameworks and standards, allows us to focus our action in the development, design and update courses for certification preparation and for implementation of international partnerships that add more value to the skills and to the benefits that with Behaviour professionals can acquire.

Integrated into our Quality Management System (QMS), we work continuously to ensure the highest quality of our training and recognition of our certifications, requiring our experts a wide range of skills and the most recognized international certifications.

Behaviour has established itself and differentiated also by implementing training programs that puts the trainees at the center of the teaching-learning process, directing every action to meet the particular needs of professionals and companies, creating all the conditions for our clients success, either through certification, differentiation or innovation.

Representation of Behaviour’s Brand