Sustainable development is an integral part of Behaviour Group business strategy and therefore we want this commitment be visible to all.

Our goal is to create an environment where investment is compatible with the search for sustainable development business, encouraging ethical responsibility through good business practices, based on economic efficiency, environmental balance, social justice and corporate governance.

As an organization, Behaviour Group maintains the ambition to always present an integrated and innovative offer in the areas of best practices and management methodologies, management systems and information security, as a way not only to respond continuously to the needs of the business market, but also as way to introduce and present, in the markets in which we operate, new practices and new methods of management and governance that create value.

We face the future with great optimism and sense of responsibility, mobilizing all employees to jointly build a sustainable path, through a daily practice, based on principles of transparency and compliance with the highest standards of ethics and honesty, that regulate everyone and reflects on every level of the organization, governance practices and business ethics and on the relationship maintained with customers, partners and suppliers.

As a commitment to achieve operational excellence and to be recognized as a responsible company in all markets, in which we operates, Behaviour base fulfillment of your corporate sustainability strategy, in compliance with national and international standards, national regulations also applied to the area of professional training, regulations of international partners, internal quality management system and its subsequent ISO 9001 certification.

Result of this commitment is the recognition of Behaviour since 2008, by DGERT– Direcção Geral do Emprego e das Relações do Trabalho (governmental entity), for meeting quality requirements in the area of professional training, and is the ISO 9001 alignment due the implementation, between 2012 and early 2013, of the Quality Management System (QMS) that considers the requirements of ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, the requirements of DGERT – Portuguese government entity that regulates the quality of training in Portugal -, the requirements  of the Portuguese standard NP 4512 – Training Management System and ISO 10015 – Quality System Guidelines for Training.

This commitment attests the quality of the development and continuous improvement of Behaviour Group, demonstrating a commitment in corporate sustainability as an integral part of decision-making, ensuring economic, social and environmental enterprise balance, in medium and long term, creating more value for its employees and customers.